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Microsoft and the Vote; Part II

The vote is being redone. Now, you’d think it’s because Micro$oftbought the vote, wouldn’t you? No, it’s because of one company votingseveral times. Er… Would be interesting to know what company, eh?And here is the ComputerSweden article in English.Now, please dear Sun, IBM and Google: Haven’t you got [...]


Microsoft and the Vote

And so Sweden will vote to make OOXML an ISO standard. Funny thing is, in the middle of the summer, SIS (which is th organization responsible in Sweden) had eleven members. But from the 23rd August and onwards 23 new companies joined. Of which 18 (!) are Micro$oft partners… What a coincidence!List of companies here (in Swedish, but [...]


A short note on Vista

I’ve ranted about Windo$e Vista previously. Well, here’s another article to consider, comparing XP with Vista on a number of games using two high end graphic cards. Verdict? Vista is way behind in performance: In the end, it looks like the new, bulky, poorly supported operating system is at the root of it all. This is not to [...]