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The lair of Lars J. Nilsson. Contains random musings on beer, writing and this thing we call life.


This Week on the Run: v18 2013

After a long pause it’s time to start again. Since I’m now lining up for Lidingöloppet come autumn it’s high time to get some longer runs under the belt. 1/5 – 8km: A double tap in Årsta woods. With 225m climb it showed exactly how bad my leg muscles are at the moment. But still rather nice. Although, my new [...]



Last couple of years I had trouble understanding the summer-training-people. The ones that huddle on the buses and in their cars during winter only to get panicked when spring is upon them and they throw themselves out of the door in order to hit “beach 2013”. I never really understood.


Minimalist/Barefoot Running and the Hike

This post also appears at The Run Smiley Collective, go read it there as well! Some years back, the gang and I started to get interested in light-weight hiking. A small but persistent group of Swedish hikers started moaning about the weight that you traditionally carry around: heavy back pack, heavy tents, and relevant for this post, [...]