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The lair of Lars J. Nilsson. Contains random musings on beer, writing and this thing we call life.


Working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir

I spent the evenings this week working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. For those of you not in the know, it is one of the most influencial chamber choirs in recent memory, as well as one of the absolute best. In the world.We did Brahms Requiem together with the Royal Philarmomic Orchestra. Peter Mattei (!) and Henriette Bonde-Hansen [...]


Posting resuming again in a flurry

I’ll now try to resume posting again. This is the scedule for tonights posts (1) Pain of Salvation live in Gothenburg; (2) working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir; and (3) I’m now officially no longer with NetEntertainment (!) but rolling my own ball together with a few friends. So watch this space…