Lars J. Nilsson
Lars J. Nilsson
2022 - Present
PrimePenguin AB

Managing remote development teams and exploring the product space: engineering manager, product, strategy.

2021 - 2022
Tech Lead

Led the development of a startup proof of concept: fullstack, react, java 17, engineering manager.

Software Development Engineer

Backend developer on the Discovery+ CMS system prior to and during thes summer Olypics in Tokyo: Java 17, Docker, Kubernetes, Distributed Tracing

2020 - 2021
Principal Engineer
Bokio AB

After supporting the merger between Red Flag AB and Bokio AB I was engineering manager and semi- bank product manager: product, engineering manager, Java 11, Kubernetes, CI/CD.

Technical Due Dilligence
Nordstjernan AB

I performed a TDD prior to investment: documentation, Java 11, AWS, micro service, risk evaluation.

2015 - 2020
CTO / Architect / Programmer
Red Flag AB

"First employee" and shareholder in Red Flag AB that later merged with Bokio AB: startup, engineering manager, Java 11, architecture, strategy, CI/CD, product, Kubernetes.

2006 - 2015
Architect / Programmer
Cubeia AB

I was one of the founders of Cubeia AB, acted as Executive Vice President, and consulted for (among others): Mr Green AB, Riplife Gaming Technologies, Unibet: Java 5-8, architecture, C#, CI/CD, load testing, scalability, startup.

2013 - 2015
Programmer / Team Lead
Mr Green AB

I was architect, programmer and team lead, and later "technical product advisor" - a title adopted based on my team work. I was initially contracted to introduce CI/CD: architecture, C#, CI/CD, product, team lead.

Solution Architect
RipLife Gaming Technologies

Riplife flew my down to Malaga in nine months to acts as a sollutions architect for their poker platform: Java 5, architecture, team lead, legacy.

Architect / Programmer
Unibet AB

I was an expert consultant in a proof of concept for Unibets new betting wallet: Java, MySQL, scalability, architecture. 

Development Lead
NetEnt AB

A short while I was employed as a development lead at NetEnt but ended up as a tester and left quickly: QA, testing, Java 4.

Senior Developer
Tain AB

I was a senior Java developer on the poker platform. Specializing in optimization and scalability: Java, JMX, concurrency, clustering, profiling, Java 4.

2003 - 2005
XeC Software

Freelancer, mainly towards RecipeXperience Ltd and related clients: Java, JSP, Java Applet, Servlet, Maven, Java 1.4.

2001 - 2003
Java Developer
RecipeXperience Ltd

Startup developer: JSP, Java, Tomcat, Ant, XML, code generation.

Java Developer
Arthur Andersen

Contracted to work on an internal risk analysis application for investors: Java 2, JSP, Ant.

1998 - 1999
Post Diploma Vocal Training

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London UK.

1994 - 1998
Master or Music Education

Luleå University of Technology, Piteå, Sweden.