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A Small Rant for Google

It’s no big secret that I’m fairly Googlified. But recently two things have started to bug me. A lot. Not to the point I’d consider, say Apple (queue shudder here), but to the level of severe annoyance… Dear Google: Almost the entire world can upload and download free applications via Android market. Good. But [...]


On popular demand: My addictions

Since someone asked, here’s a run down of the Internet applications I regularly use, and why. Enjoy! Google (there’ll be some of these): Gmail – Since I started GTD’ing I’ve come to realize how much an empty inbox is worth. But then, you need search capabilities to back it up. At the moment, I’m doing [...]


Brain Scan

My brain’s hurting. I must be getting old.For reference, this is some of the programming topics I’ve read up on (or at least tried) lately: Guice and Spring Declarative transactions and JTA EDA, Pipelines and CEP SOA and ESB and NMR Column databases and distributed file systems Wicket and various related Ajax components OSGi [...]


Touch Diamond battery time

My Touch Diamond phone really is very neat. However, the battery time is dysmal. It’s a Li-Ion 900 mAh, which isn’t enought for a Windows Mobile. I seriously thinking of using the extension battery, which is a 1340 mAh, even though it would mean a slightly thicker phone. Else than that I’m a happy camper. I spent [...]


Signal tapping and stupidities redux

The signal tapping law and discussions have certainly been both interesting and revealing. Here follows a few links for those interested. I’m afraid they’re all in Swedish though 🙂 First out, Sweden as an Echelon node by Rick Falkvinge (leader Swedish Pirate Party). Now, I’d be the first to admit that it feels absurd [...]