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This Week on the Run: v31-32 2013

Week 31 I was up in the mountains and hiked some 60 kilometers with a full pack. So not completely wasted, but that will be another post. Starting up week 32 was hard and the first 6.5 km on Tuesday was one of those “I’ll take a relaxed 13” only to be cut short on shot legs. So that should tell me that how you taper is [...]


This Week on the Run: v30 2013

Last week before I head up to the mountains and time to properly breach 40k. 23/7 9.5km: A fairly fast ten breaking below a 5 min pace for the first time on a long while. Funny thing is, I didn’t intend to, my goal was to start a little bit slower that I usually do and then speed up later. Also I ran the circuit the counter [...]


This Week on the Run: v25-29 2013

There I go again, missing blogging as usual. But two of these four weeks where miserable anyway. It started with an old infection that never really let go in v25 but never the less the week ended spectacularly with one of the nicest runs I’ve done in a long while: my old hoods in Gothenburg, springy legs, splendid mood and 17.3 km. [...]


This Week on the Run: v24 2013

I’m a bit behind for a 30km race this fall. I probably can’t keep on adding 10% every week indefinitely, so realistically I’ll probably level out somewhere 50-60 km per week. Ah well, I’ll worry more about that later, for now… 11/6 11km: My GPS and Google claims this new 11km through Årsta woods only have [...]


This Week on the Run: v23 2013

This week it was time to step it up again. 4/6 11km: Added 3km to my usual 8km route = more climb. It just a little bit tedious to loop a 3km track, but it is a very good track so I think I’ll keep it. 6/6 9.5km: This week was to be without a long run, so I upped the ante and aimed for a relaxed 10k here. Damnedest thing, I was [...]


This Week on the Run: v21 & v22 2013

Two for the price of one? Sure, why not? But let’s keep it short then: 21/5 8km: The local eight and somewhat of a surprise. I had expected my legs to be killed after the weekend back-to-back, but instead the answered nicely (if a bit stiffly). I kept the pace down and slogged along. Nice! 23/5 6km: The local six. A little bit [...]


This Week on the Run: v20 2013

This week started in Berlin. I was a bit worried over fatigue as the week before felt stiff and uncomfortable almost the entire week. But no, with only one days rest, all of a sudden the legs popped again! By damn, that was nice! 14/5 – 6.8km: Back in Tiergarten, but a shorter trip. And also, the legs were popping so I found myself [...]


This Week on the Run: v19 2013

Stiff legs through most of the week. Which didn’t feel encouraging. I was on the verge of skipping one more run but pressed through despite soreness and stiffness. 7/5 – 6km: Not fast. Felt like running on tree-stumps. Lovely weather though and it feels like my ability to do climbs is slowly getting better. Actually, I get [...]


This Week on the Run: v18 2013

After a long pause it’s time to start again. Since I’m now lining up for Lidingöloppet come autumn it’s high time to get some longer runs under the belt. 1/5 – 8km: A double tap in Årsta woods. With 225m climb it showed exactly how bad my leg muscles are at the moment. But still rather nice. Although, my new [...]


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