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The things wednesdays know

Tonight the firebird will rise from the ashes, spring will come again and the son be reborn. Funky stuff. Although, as folk tales go, the execution of Christ seems rather unimpressive. And illogical too, I mean, how on earth is that supposed to save us? And lets see, Jesus gets one day of torment and one day of death and then he’s [...]


A small easter rant

You know, I never understood this easter thing. Even as a Christian I thought is was pretty dump to mourn on the black Friday. You see, I thought like this at the time: Judas betrayed Jesus to the romans. Ok. Jesus gets crucified by the jews. Mind you, not the romans.. Right. By dying on the cross for our sins, he saves our souls. [...]


Re: The Blasphemy Challenge

I really don’t understand what all the fuzz is about. The Rational Response Squad makes a PR-bid and challanges people to put a video of themself denying the holy spirit on YouTube, with the incentive that they’ll get a free copy of The God Who Wasn’t There.Were’s the problem? When PZ links to a defense, the [...]


Terry Pratchett Quote of the Day

Again from Going Postal. The book is stock full of stealth philosofy. Here’s a conversation which should be of interest to any moderate theists: “Alright, alright, I really didn’t want to go into this, but it’s against my religion,” said Moist, who’d had time to think. “We’re forbidden to [...]


Sam Harris Quote of the Day

On the subject of the bible, and improvements thereof: You and I both know that it would take us five minutes to produce a book that offers a more coherent and compassionate morality than the Bible does. Did I say five minutes? Five seconds–just tear out Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Exodus, and 2 Samuel from the Old Testament, and 2 [...]


Quote of the Day; Richard Morgan

I’m reading Richard Morgans Woken Furies at the moment. Godd stuff. His Altered Carbon was a brilliant first novel. This is more mature, slightly slower, but better. So here’s some Takechi Kovacs for you. On theists ignoring the bad sides of religion: Many of you cringe along in complience, hoping to peel something of worth [...]