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Ammarnäs -> Hemavan 2011

A new year, a new part of Kungsleden. The crew this year was V+R together with little sister C, but also an old acquaintance in the form of Gustav who went with us a short hike a few years back, and now graced us with his presence again. This was to be a warm-up for a longer trek into Sarek later this year. However, for various reasons [...]


Saltoluokta -> Kvikjokk 2010

This year we continued our quest to do the entire length of Kungsleden. And when I say “we” I mean R+V (as usual, I’ll have to come up with better nic’s for you guys) and V’s little sister, miss C. As usual we really looked forward to it. Actually, V had been doing lists and planned the stuff since… er… well, last year I guess.Our [...]


Baritone Bash 2008

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I’ve forgotten to tell you about the main event this autumn. The earth-shattering, sky-rendering, all-time freaky fun event of the St Jacobs Chamber Choir Baritone Bash of 2008. For those of you not familiar with the event… Er… That’s not very strange, since we invented it this year. [...]


Fulufjällen 2-6 June 2008

Introduction The normal gang, ie. yours truly, Marc, R+V was complimented this year by a man called Gustav to Fulufjällen. You never now what the cat drags in, but Gustav was actually a fairly normal person, and kind of cool too, which was a relief… This year I actually know there will be people reading this little travelogue, [...]


Grövelsjön 19-22 July 2007

Introduction Again off to Grövelsjön. This year R+V and I had really expected to go somewhere a bit north, but time constraints (largely mine, due to a new company) made us return to Grövelsjön, this time to go into the Norwegian mountains. Here’s some of the equipment I used for this trip: Haglöfs “Solid” boots. Hilleberg “Akto” 1 pers. [...]


Toasting Karin and Miklos

Sooo, yesterday Karin and Miklos celebrated their wedding. And yours truly acted as toastmaster. The actual ceremony had taken place privately a week earlier ar Thorskogsslott.All is well and all went well. Some 63 guests and a number of children. The party was at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm. Lovely place.I had been somewhat lax in the [...]


The Big Togethernesses 2007

They came from north. They came from south. The came from west. And the came from east. They all came o the great “sammaträggandet” anno 2007. Representing Vimmerby, Denmark and Finland came Ingrid and Martin. Standing for Ödsmål and the west coast, Sara and Tommy. Marc was there for bloody well everything north of Upsala. [...]


On After-Performance Depressions

It is easy to critisize others. Easier still to critisize yourself. Point in question: this afternoon I sang the baritone solo in Corraddo Margutti’s “Missa Lorca” with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And… I blew it. Normally I try very hard not to be self-critical ater a performance, if nothing else because it makes you [...]


Working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir

I spent the evenings this week working with Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. For those of you not in the know, it is one of the most influencial chamber choirs in recent memory, as well as one of the absolute best. In the world.We did Brahms Requiem together with the Royal Philarmomic Orchestra. Peter Mattei (!) and Henriette Bonde-Hansen [...]