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Ammarnäs -> Hemavan 2011

A new year, a new part of Kungsleden. The crew this year was V+R together with little sister C, but also an old acquaintance in the form of Gustav who went with us a short hike a few years back, and now graced us with his presence again. This was to be a warm-up for a longer trek into Sarek later this year. However, for various reasons [...]


Saltoluokta -> Kvikjokk 2010

This year we continued our quest to do the entire length of Kungsleden. And when I say “we” I mean R+V (as usual, I’ll have to come up with better nic’s for you guys) and V’s little sister, miss C. As usual we really looked forward to it. Actually, V had been doing lists and planned the stuff since… er… well, last year I guess.Our [...]


On popular demand: My addictions

Since someone asked, here’s a run down of the Internet applications I regularly use, and why. Enjoy! Google (there’ll be some of these): Gmail – Since I started GTD’ing I’ve come to realize how much an empty inbox is worth. But then, you need search capabilities to back it up. At the moment, I’m doing [...]



To those close to me, it’s no secret that I have been too close the wall for comfort the last couple of months. Since November I’ve tried to step down a bit, to sleep more and to relax. However, I’m getting more and more certain that this may not be enough. For years I’ve known that the ambition driving me has [...]


Brain Scan

My brain’s hurting. I must be getting old.For reference, this is some of the programming topics I’ve read up on (or at least tried) lately: Guice and Spring Declarative transactions and JTA EDA, Pipelines and CEP SOA and ESB and NMR Column databases and distributed file systems Wicket and various related Ajax components OSGi [...]


Baritone Bash 2008

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I’ve forgotten to tell you about the main event this autumn. The earth-shattering, sky-rendering, all-time freaky fun event of the St Jacobs Chamber Choir Baritone Bash of 2008. For those of you not familiar with the event… Er… That’s not very strange, since we invented it this year. [...]