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Opera Heroes of YouTube; del Monaco in Tosca

Mario del Monaco is one of the singers I don’t really know anything about. And really haven’t listened to either. But damn, this Tosca recording is awesome. Starts of mellow and moves with the music to a truly stunning peak. Awesome, so awesome.Hat tip to Red-Eyed Jenna for the showing the stuff to me in the first [...]


The God of Eth

Lately I’ve started reading Stephen Law. Don’t really know why I picked him up, but so far so good, most of the stuff he publishes is very nice. In fact I shall have a look around for his books as soon as I’ve finished my current stack.In particular, his take of the problem of evil, is gratifying, The God of Eth: This [...]


A little late…

Pavarotti dead? And now Zawinul as well? By damn…Update: Oh yes, a few of my non-opera friends have heard Paul Potts on YouTube and asked me if he was really any good. Well, he was. But for those of you interested, this is how the same song sounded when Luciano sang it. New York, 1980. One of the greatest tenors [...]


My latest Amazon shipment

The CD’s Alice Cooper, The Last Temptation Birgint Nilsson Sings Verdi Alanis Morisette, So Called Chaos Nothing too exciting here. I’ve been slightly in love with Alanis since Jagged Little Pill. And the Cooper album is surprisingly good. If you’re one of those that believes Alice was only good in the seventies, you [...]


Opera Heroes of YouTube; Two sides of Birgit

Birgit Nilsson. Ok, I’ll say it one more time: Birgit Nilsson. As we move on, we’ll find it harder and harder explaining to people what a legend that woman was. I don’t know about you, but hers is one of the few graves outside my family I have ever visited to pay my respects.Side one. Gentle, Lyrical. With an excuisite [...]