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Baritone Bash 2008

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I’ve forgotten to tell you about the main event this autumn. The earth-shattering, sky-rendering, all-time freaky fun event of the St Jacobs Chamber Choir Baritone Bash of 2008. For those of you not familiar with the event… Er… That’s not very strange, since we invented it this year. [...]


Wrapping it up

Fano tour 2008 is over. I’m knackered, and I imagine a few others are as well. But hell, a damn fine 5 days it was!I think I averaged 4-5 hours per night. Not bad, but I must say: Hats off to our two tour n00bs Niklas and David who really showed that they’ll fit right in, they must have averaged a lot less than me :-)Extra [...]


There and back again

The trip back was… Both god and bad (and slightly hilarious at the end). This bus had a working AC but on the other hand it felt like a ship a sea making more than one person slightly sick.It also did not take 6 hours. Which was nice. And the landscape between Rome and Fano is lovely. Absolutely gorgeous. Occasionally stunning.This [...]


Concert no. 3

Teatro della Fortuna was… nice. Warm. Packed with people (including nuns). Did I mention that there was quite a lot of nuns in the audience. Did I? One can’t help wondering what they thought about Veni Creator…After the break all choir joined up for a bit of Mahler and other trivialities. Apparently, according to Johan [...]


Two down, one to go

This day also passed fairly slowly. There was a nice little street fair in town before lunch. I haven’t seen any big purchases so far, but who knows.Lasse and Staffan have found a *very* nice little restaurant down town which they subsequently have had every meal at. Having been there I understand completely. It was damn nice [...]