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Asynchronous Games in Firebase; pt II

Note: this post is cross-posted on Last post I looked at the motivation for writing asynchronous multiplayer games on top of Firebase.  This post I’ll sketch an outline on how to actually do it.The first thing to consider is that we now have two notions: The Firebase concept of area (called “table” for [...]


Asynchronous Games in Firebase; pt I

Note: this post is cross-posted on Since the social web started to expand, asynchronous multiplayer games seems to really have taken off. So my immediate question is obviously, can I do that on Firebase? And the short answer is: of course. For the long answer, please read on.Let’s recap first. In a traditional [...]


Script Support in Firebase

Note: this post is cross-posted on Now we have released a candidate for script support in Firebase! This is something we’re very excited about as it means no more Java (unless you want to of course, old hands like me aren’t likely to change in a hurry).This is a first release so there’s no support for [...]


Guice Support in Firebase

I’ve always wanted to add dependency injection support to Firebase, and today we released a candidate for Guice! And if you ask me, it’s very cool indeed.The documentation is a bit sparse at the moment, but can be found on our wiki. The rest of the post I’ll just show how a small fictional game would look using Guice.To [...]


Firebase Community Edition

Note: this post is cross-posted on So what can you expect from the Firebase Community Edition (FCE)? Here’s a basic rundown: It’ll be free and open source under the AGPL license. This means you can use, modify and even redistribute it to your hearts delight. However, you can’t change the copyright, nor the [...]


What’s this Open Source Thingy?

Note: this post is cross-posted on Yesterday we silently let slip that we’re open sourcing Firebase. It is a major change of direction and we are very excited about the whole thing.So Firebase, which has been under a closed proprietary licens only so far, will now be split into three distinct versions: Firebase [...]