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Beer selfie: Fungrims APA batch 3

This is the first impressions of my “house APA” in batch 3, now 3 weeks on bottle. Since I haven’t written any brew report for it, here’s a run-down: It’s a 5.4% ABV single- and dry hop Amarillo on pale ale malt, Münich I and Caraamber. I want to zoom in to a light, easy to drink, Amarillo for the summer [...]


Brew Report: Dale’s Pale Clone

So last Sunday I spent the evening brewing up the Dale’s Pale Ale clone I had planned. On the whole I’m happy with the process, I’ve zoomed in on my efficiency now, 75% percent before boil, which i a great confidence booster: hitting the pre-boil gravity exactly gave me a happy little jolt.


On Pitching Yeast

The last home brews I’ve done I’ve used yeast starters. If someone happens upon this and don’t know the theory it goes like this: if you’re brewing you want to make sure that 1) your yeast is alive, before the brew day when it is usually too late; and 2) you want to make sure you use enough yeast for your [...]


The Next Brew: Dale’s Pale Clone

Time to plan the next beer to brew, and I guess the title says it all really. Lately I’ve been experimenting with a single hop Amarillo as a “house ale”, however I’ve never really been satisfied with it: either it’s the dreaded “dish water amarillo” or simply a slightly too warm fermentation or [...]


Vadslund I: Fail and Start Over

This post is a month late, I know. But it is also kind of depressing to write as this is my first failed batch of beer. Here’s what happened: First of all the yeast behaved strangely indeed (as described here), and then I got an enourmos amount of gunk and compared to the small batch size I had problems getting a clear beer into [...]


Vadslund I: Halfway report

So, I did a an experimental batch last week. The brewing went alright considering it was a year since my last attempt. The only real glitch was the boil-off. For those of you not in the know, this is the amount of water that you’re boiling away while adding hops to the beer. And this is important as the strength of your beer will [...]


New Brew: Vadslund 1

So I’m back from the exile in Spain. And you know what that means don’t you? Yeah, that’s right, I’m starting a new brew. Or at least, I’ve ordered what I need for my next brew. My mother has a small cottage outside Vingåker, and as a boy I used to run around there every summer. Hell, I still run around [...]


The First Taste: Fungrim’s APA #2

Time to address the second batch. I have tasted it before, but was slightly disappointed. But my more experienced friends adviced me to wait a while longer. Some beers needs a little bit more than 2 weeks in bottle. It has now been 5 weeks in bottle, so let’s have a go! Looks: Off white head. Descent retention. Hazy amber gold with [...]