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Birthday Barley Wine

To celebrate this my forty-first birthday, and also a non-diet day, I opened a few beers. And the audience was amazed. The core of this tasting is actually the same as I did a few years back (but apparently didn’t blog about): Bötet, Bigfoot and Old Stock Ale. The last time the bottles were about 1 year old each. This time [...]


Beer selfie: Fungrims APA batch 3

This is the first impressions of my “house APA” in batch 3, now 3 weeks on bottle. Since I haven’t written any brew report for it, here’s a run-down: It’s a 5.4% ABV single- and dry hop Amarillo on pale ale malt, Münich I and Caraamber. I want to zoom in to a light, easy to drink, Amarillo for the summer [...]


Brew Report: Dale’s Pale Clone

So last Sunday I spent the evening brewing up the Dale’s Pale Ale clone I had planned. On the whole I’m happy with the process, I’ve zoomed in on my efficiency now, 75% percent before boil, which i a great confidence booster: hitting the pre-boil gravity exactly gave me a happy little jolt.


On Pitching Yeast

The last home brews I’ve done I’ve used yeast starters. If someone happens upon this and don’t know the theory it goes like this: if you’re brewing you want to make sure that 1) your yeast is alive, before the brew day when it is usually too late; and 2) you want to make sure you use enough yeast for your [...]


The Next Brew: Dale’s Pale Clone

Time to plan the next beer to brew, and I guess the title says it all really. Lately I’ve been experimenting with a single hop Amarillo as a “house ale”, however I’ve never really been satisfied with it: either it’s the dreaded “dish water amarillo” or simply a slightly too warm fermentation or [...]


A BrewDog Evening

Our beloved alcohol store in Sweden just released a mix-pack of four different BrewDogs together: 5 AM Saint, Dogma, Alice Porter and Chaos Theory. And for some reason I though it would be a neat idea to drink them all in one evening and rate them while I’m at it. So without further ado, here we go (with links to Ratebeer for your [...]



Some light Saturday night etymology anyone? The first time I encountered the word fartlek I was amused that something would turn up in English that is so close to Swedish. Not that the word exists in Swedish, but the composite “fart” and “lek” does mean “speed” and “play”, which I found [...]