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April 2015


A Mix Beer Saturday


Saturday is the diet free day (one day a week I get to stuff myself – and yes, it feels nice). And what better way to enjoy a Saturday but with a mix pack of craft beers?

Prairie Artisan Ales, Standard

A 5.6% American Saison. Pale light and very hazy. Huge head which leave residues on the glass. Smells, hm, not much. I was expecting lots of hops. Somewhat sour, and does not really taste like a saison, but it does taste like a bad attempt at one. Not as much exotic fruit as expected. Dry finish. Rating: 2.5

Pöhjala, Uus Maalim

A “San Diego Session IPA”. 4.9%. My first Estonian I believe! Light golden color, slightly hazy. Small residues on glass. Big “new world” nose of mango and peach and citrus. Nice! as expected a fairly light body with some bitterness. Hops, citrus and a nicely balanced sweetness. The hops linger. Rating: 3.6

HaandBryggeriet, Norwegian Wood

Traditional Norwegian ale. 6.5%. A nice copperish, brown color. Slightly hazy. Medium, tan, head. Smells sweet and alluring! Some smoke tones, and some herb like structures. The juniper comes through well in the taste. Having brewed with juniper myself, I think this is well done, the sweetness balances the juniper in your mouth. Not smoke though. Watery finish. Easy to drink, but juniper makes for a special kind of beer. Rating: 3.5

Frequency, Muddy Waters

Brown Ale, brewed at Nils Oscar. 7.7%. Brown, with red tones. Beige head that dissipates quickly. A floral, roasted malt aroma with some nuts on the side. The roasted malt follows through strongly in the taste accompanied by some chocolate, some floral notes and a background medicinal feel. Smooth palate and medium bodied. Light, fairly dry and lightly bitter finish. Good stuff. Rating: 3.5

Green Flash, West Coast IPA

Brewed at Brasserie St-Feuillien. Double IPA, 8.1%. Golden orange, slightly hazy color. Massive, frizzy blond head, that dissipates leaving a lot of residues on the glass. as it advertise itself as “extravagantly hopped” I was expecting a bigger nose. As it stands it a fairly light malt with mixture of unidentifiable hops. Rather bitter, with a light body. Watery finish. A pity, I was expecting more. Rating: 2.5

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