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February 2014


Beer Selfie: Dales Pale Clone batch 1


Here’s the first reaction my attempt to do a Dales Pale Ale clone. I don’t have a Dale to compare with, so that will have to come later. Also, this beer is tasted a little warm which will affect the nose.

2014-02-23 14.34.49Pours with a huge beige head that  dissipates slowly. It is a phenomenal red color with light carbonation and delightful action when whirled. Sugary-sweet notes in the background of a well balanced, hopped nose. Some phenols as well dammit it! Taste is sweet and lacking a bit of malt body. Light bitterness.

All in all a very nice beer. And although I’m biased I do think it is pretty close to the original considering I used a different yeast. I’ll get hold of a Dale to do a side-by-side comparison and also to taste it properly chilled.

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