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January 2014


Brew Report: Dale’s Pale Clone


So last Sunday I spent the evening brewing up the Dale’s Pale Ale clone I had planned. On the whole I’m happy with the process, I’ve zoomed in on my efficiency now, 75% percent before boil, which i a great confidence booster: hitting the pre-boil gravity exactly gave me a happy little jolt.

I still have one major problem though: I can’t seem to fix at an evaporation rate. I keep adjusting it down and keep missing. This time my end of boil volume was approximately one liter off. And any confidence I gained from hitting the pre-boil gravity evaporated (perhaps instead of the wort). Consequently my OG was also about 10% off. Easily managed with an adjustment of DME (spray malt), but next time I’ll have to adjust again, which is annoying.

DME may produce a bit darker wort, and also the malt balance will be affected. The color I don’t mind, that was probably off anyway since my malts were a bit darker than anyway. We’ll see about the balance.

Brew Summary

OG: 1,065
IBU: 68
Expected FG: 1,016
Expected ABV: 6,3%

Batch Size: 10L
Boil: 90 min

Gran Bill
Maris Otter – 2580 gr (76%)
Pale Crystal – 407 gr (12%)
Crystal – 204 gr (6%)
Munich I – 204 gr (6%)

Northern Brewer, 60 min, 10.8 gr
Cascade, 25 min, 19 gr
Columbus, 10 min, 10.8 gr
Centennial, at 75C when cooling, 10.8 gr

White Labs WLP001 (in starter from 1,037)
Protafloc, 2 gr, 15 min

Pre-lauter gravity: 1,048
End of boil bravity: 1,058
DME added: 190 gr
OG: 1,065
Volume into fermentor: 11.2L

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