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January 2014


The Next Brew: Dale’s Pale Clone


Time to plan the next beer to brew, and I guess the title says it all really. Lately I’ve been experimenting with a single hop Amarillo as a “house ale”, however I’ve never really been satisfied with it: either it’s the dreaded “dish water amarillo” or simply a slightly too warm fermentation or perhaps a little bit much Munich malt or perhaps… You get the point.

Dale’s have become a favorite of mine over the summer and autumn. It’s been a while since I tried a clone of any beer now but with my annoyance of not hitting the house ale exactly where I want it, I thought I could at least google for a Dale clone. And ‘lo and behold on this thread on BrewBoard there’s a detailed clone, with input from the original brewer! Yay!

I’ll do some changes: namely I’m using Thomas Fawcett Crystal Malts; for the larger helping I’ll use the “pale” variant and for the smaller the normal. I’ll be using Maris Otter as well. Which means the color will likely be a bit darker than it should, but if the rest of the recipe works out I can trim the color in the next batch.

Oh yes, it’ll go on White Labs WLP001 instead of Wyeast 1056. It might be a mistake, but I’m comfortable with White Labs which I’ve used the last year. Time will tell I guess, I ordered the ingredients 10 minutes ago so it’s too late to grumble about it now.

This will be a straight forward brew. No trickeries. I’ll concentrate on hitting all targets: in particular I want to hit the water quantities and the OG, last couple of brews I’ve had to adjust the water levels during the boil and thus having to juggle the OG as well. Which is a bad habit I want to get away from.

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