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December 2013


Review: Constellation Games


Constellation Games
Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This will be a short review, with some minor spoilers. As usual I won’t be covering the story, other reviewers have done so, and also, the book jacket will do.

There s a specific style of narrating a story which I usually associate with Bram Stoker’s Dracula where the story is moved forward using letters, memos, news articles and so on. This I assume was as attempt to do the same thing, only in the 21st century, so we’re treated with a story told first person only in the form of blog posts and game reviews.

Unfortunately, most blog writing, including my own, isn’t at a standard you’d expect from a full length novel. With notable exceptions such as Scalzi’s “Whatever”. And since the narrator in this story isn’t supposed to be an author, the story gets told with a believable but ultimately rather annoying and bland voice. And also the game reviews; I stopped reading them after a while. They might have contributed to subtexts and context, but if so, I didn’t catch up on it.

I did like the way the aliens gets to play with expressions and idioms in their attempt to learn English. My favourite being the word “unheed” (as in “please unheed what he just told you”) which I found extremely neat, and is likely to start using myself.

So, no recommendation from me. In fact, I’m a bit surprised that so many seems to think this was one of the major books of 2013. To me it is a rather bland first contact novel told in a rather irritating way.

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