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August 2013


This Week on the Run: v31-32 2013


Week 31 I was up in the mountains and hiked some 60 kilometers with a full pack. So not completely wasted, but that will be another post.

Starting up week 32 was hard and the first 6.5 km on Tuesday was one of those “I’ll take a relaxed 13” only to be cut short on shot legs. So that should tell me that how you taper is important, you can’t just stop running for a week and think that your legs will be fine on competition day. Instead I added a 7.8 km back-to-back, and ‘lo and behold, the legs worked the second day. Still a bit stiff, but not too much. My stint in the woods ended with a truly lovely 13 km Friday with sunshine, birds and popping legs. Nice!

Come Sunday it was time for another long run. I split it in 11 + 9.5 km, the first leg in the local woods, with a lot of climbing using my Trail Gloves, and the second leg on a flat but hard route, using the Bare Access. Starting with a rather tough 11 was a tactical mistake as my legs where really tired the next 10, but good training.

Switching from Trail Gloves to Bare Access was interesting. It really felt like I lost my gait, I felt clumsy and stiff. Next I need to take the Trail Gloves for a long run by themselves to see if I think my feet will accept 20+ in them, because although the Bare Accesses are really comfortable, it felt like I lost half of my technique on the switch. Hm…

In total this was a 48 km week. Not bad!

Oh and BTW: I realized how much timing myself all the time impacts my running, so from this point on I’ll log everything with dummy times, but more on that next installment.

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