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July 2013


This Week on the Run: v30 2013


Last week before I head up to the mountains and time to properly breach 40k.

23/7 9.5km: A fairly fast ten breaking below a 5 min pace for the first time on a long while. Funny thing is, I didn’t intend to, my goal was to start a little bit slower that I usually do and then speed up later. Also I ran the circuit the counter clockwise which turned out to be a lot easier! No huge climb at kilometer 8 to fight with.

25/7 11km: They say hill training is a key element to prepare for Lidingöloppet. So, I took my local eleven and decided to run all climbs pretty much flat out. And… by damn, that was hard! But in a good way.

27/7 19km (14 + 5): Let’s see how slow I can go. And the answer seems to be: pretty slow actually. A nice long run. I was being slightly hung-over, tired and not in perfect shape after the hard Thursday. So considering the circumstances it went well. It was hot though. And I extremely tired afterwards.

28/7 5km: Traditional Sunday VFF rolling about. Feet where pretty dead after the day before.

Total: 44.5km. Yup, that’s according to plan. The 19k was harder than I thought, not to actually run, which was pretty easy considering me being hung-over and sleep-deprived, but afterwards. Somewhat lacking in fueling perhaps. Also, it was hard on the feet. I will have to train them a bit more next month.

But all in all a lovely week!

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