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July 2013


This Week on the Run: v25-29 2013


There I go again, missing blogging as usual.

But two of these four weeks where miserable anyway. It started with an old infection that never really let go in v25 but never the less the week ended spectacularly with one of the nicest runs I’ve done in a long while: my old hoods in Gothenburg, springy legs, splendid mood and 17.3 km. Then in v26-27 both of which went missing. For example, I went to a small island in the Finnish peninsula. Lovely place, but not even a trail to run. The highlight might be my new VFF Bikila LS which I’m using enthusiastically for short runs and recovery runs. I’m having loads of fun doing trail on recovery days in these!

To continue, v28 became a “get up to speed again” week, which included a lovely, rolling 9.5 km on a 5 minute pace. Total mileage: 35 km.

And finally v29, with a new pair of shoes still: Merrel Bare Access 2. As I’m piling on miles I know I need a pair with some protection and padding. The Bare Access has 8 millimeters, and the same fit as the Trail Gloves and those fit my feet perfectly. The first run became a 15.3 km long run, and damn, they’re comfortable! Total mileage: 41 km.

Next week: 45km and then off to the mountains!

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