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June 2013


This Week on the Run: v24 2013


I’m a bit behind for a 30km race this fall. I probably can’t keep on adding 10% every week indefinitely, so realistically I’ll probably level out somewhere 50-60 km per week. Ah well, I’ll worry more about that later, for now…

11/6 11km: My GPS and Google claims this new 11km through Årsta woods only have 223m of climb. It sure feels a lot more. Slow pace and fairly tired legs. Also alarmingly stiff in left calf. Experimented a bit with the gait as a result.

13/6 5km: This was supposed to be an 8km round but both legs were shot and the left calf smarting so I downgraded to a recovery run. Nice pace though and I was really close to getting the magical 5 min/km (magical because of the 100m climb, I’m not that fit you know).

15/6 16.7km: Saturday = long run day from no on. I stupidly forgot my hip belt and hence had no water with me. And a in a sunny 20+ degrees Centigrade that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done. It went alright nevertheless and the legs felt surprisingly nimble all the way through. Also, no calf pain! Hurray!

16/6 4.6km: Slow recovery. Actually my legs was OK, tired but not overly so. However, my core… I take it as a very good sign that my stomach muscles became so sore after Saturday, it should mean I’m activating the core properly throughout the whole long run. Good! This was the highlight of the week on real trails through the woods.

Total for the week ends up at 37km. I’m satisfied with my decision to play it smart and downgrade the Thursday run to a recovery even though it meant upping the ante for the weekend. It paid of and the 17km on Saturday felt solid.

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