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The Ironism

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June 2013


This Week on the Run: v23 2013


This week it was time to step it up again.

4/6 11km: Added 3km to my usual 8km route = more climb. It just a little bit tedious to loop a 3km track, but it is a very good track so I think I’ll keep it.

6/6 9.5km: This week was to be without a long run, so I upped the ante and aimed for a relaxed 10k here. Damnedest thing, I was hung over and only concentrated on looping along and relaxing and thinking positive thoughts. And clocked in on 4:51 per kilometer. Not bad!

8/6 6.5km: A relaxed loop in the woods. Stopped and said hello to a friendly dog and its owner (likewise friendly). Again just looping along and again hitting a comfortable speed below 5 min/km. Feels good.

9/6 7.7 km: Back to back weekend pt II. Again just looping along, however a bit uneven in tempo as this route is a bit more technical (not technical in any trail sense, but not flat either). You can see me hitting 4:30 on the flat bits and 5:30 in the woods.

34.5 km in total. I was aiming for 35 so that’s OK. I’m also aware I’m a bit behind in terms of long runs, but I’m trying to stay within a 10% increase per week. And the goal for the year is to run 30k comfortably, not in speed, so I hope it’ll work out any way. But from now on: long runs are back in the schedule permanently.

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