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June 2013


This Week on the Run: v21 & v22 2013


Two for the price of one? Sure, why not? But let’s keep it short then:

21/5 8km: The local eight and somewhat of a surprise. I had expected my legs to be killed after the weekend back-to-back, but instead the answered nicely (if a bit stiffly). I kept the pace down and slogged along. Nice!

23/5 6km: The local six. A little bit faster, but consciously slow in order to save a bit of strength. A middle day: in the future Thursday might become the technique, or speed or hill climbing day.

25/5 15km: A new fifteen. With 320m climb. Starting and ending in the local woods with a flat trip around Ã…rstaviken in between. My goal was to keep it conversational and not kill myself, so I walked all hills and concentrated on keeping the speed down on the flats. OK, so my legs were really stiff around kilometer 13, but hey, that’s the point, yes?

26/5 4.3km: Sunday equals recovery day. I kept it as short as I could even though, again, the legs felt a lot better than I thought they would.

So that’s a nice 33km over the week. Good. However, the next week is easily accounted for:

1/6 13km: First long attempt in the woods. Surprisingly nice. Again my legs started feeling really stiff around kilometer 13, it’s going to be interesting to see if that stay as a local down or if I can push it further away. And damn, Sweden is lovely this time of the year!

I really good week followed by an abysmal one. The problem was that I had a concert lined up on the Thursday, with rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday. I tried to get up Tuesday morning for an early run, I really tried, but no, that didn’t work. So, a rest week, might have been good, we shall have to see as I move on.

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