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May 2013


This Week on the Run: v20 2013


This week started in Berlin. I was a bit worried over fatigue as the week before felt stiff and uncomfortable almost the entire week. But no, with only one days rest, all of a sudden the legs popped again! By damn, that was nice!

14/5 – 6.8km: Back in Tiergarten, but a shorter trip. And also, the legs were popping so I found myself going faster than usual. In fact, the 2nd kilometer clocked in on 4 min/km. Not bad! OK, so it was fairly hard work, but at least I’ve had my hands on it now.

16/5 – 5km: Rest day. Keeping it short but clipping the tempo. Felt alright.

18/5 – 6.6km: This was supposed to be a long run to be followed up on the Sunday by a very short recovery run. However, I started too fast, it was too hot (and I had no water), and my legs were just shot. So I cut it after 6.6 and decided to try for a medium long the day after instead.

19/5 – 7.8km: The mission: easy, smooth and slow. And it worked! Lovely run with surprisingly cooperating legs. Lovely weather with spring coming on in the woods. This is what it is all about!

In total 26km then. That was according to plan, I went up fairly fast to 30km, so I felt it safe to back off a week. And 4 runs in total. Good! I’ll really need back-to-back in order to get the mileage up.

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