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May 2013


This Week on the Run: v19 2013


Stiff legs through most of the week. Which didn’t feel encouraging. I was on the verge of skipping one more run but pressed through despite soreness and stiffness.

7/5 – 6km: Not fast. Felt like running on tree-stumps. Lovely weather though and it feels like my ability to do climbs is slowly getting better. Actually, I get bored if it is too flat… Although I probably going to regret having said that.

10/5 – 15km: Since I was about to go to Berlin in the weekend, and my legs were stiff I changed plans and rested one more day to hit a long run on the Friday. It felt rather good, the legs stayed with me for approx. 10km after which they were well and truly stiff. Not surprising since I haven’t hit this length for a while. I walked two session of about 300m each. Still not bad and clocking in under 6 m/km.

12/5 – 8.5km: First ever run in Berlin! I hit Tiergarten via the river. Cold rain to start and fairly windy made the first 4km painful. But I kept up and the return was nice with the wind in my back. Still stiff though. Still holding back on the pace.

So a 29.5km week. More than I had planned while on fewer runs than I had planned. I was a bit worried over the stiffness: It felt like I didn’t recover enough between the runs. As I write this that has changed, but you’ll hear about that next week.

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