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May 2013


This Week on the Run: v18 2013


After a long pause it’s time to start again. Since I’m now lining up for Lidingöloppet come autumn it’s high time to get some longer runs under the belt.

1/5 – 8km: A double tap in Årsta woods. With 225m climb it showed exactly how bad my leg muscles are at the moment. But still rather nice. Although, my new Merrel Trail Gloves are to tight on a spot right under the arch. We’ll see if they get settled in a few miles, otherwise I’ll have to shift shoes.

4/5 – 12km – Walking: I got myself a pair of Merrel Mix Master Tuff to try in the mountains come summer and trekking. So a quick walk at Hellasgården served up the initial impression: neat, I think I’ll like them. Also this walk was a preparation for…

5/5 – 5km: … back to back training. I need this in order to get the mileage up. I probably also need to start running in the morning in order to find the time I need. Legs a bit stiff, so I kept it a 6 mins/km and capped to 5 km. Lovely weather!

So in total a 25km week. Not bad. Legs are a bit stiff, and I really, really should spend some time in the gym – the left leg/knee is feeling a bit wobbly again. But it is hard to substitute a real run for a boring gym session. Ah, well… Next week we’ll see if I can hit 4 runs.

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