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The Ironism

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April 2013


St Jacobs Chamber Choir: Motets


Last year we released a recording of Bach’s Motets with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. And to say that the reviews have been… favorable is putting it mildly.  Swedens biggetst morning newpaper DN gave it 5/5 in a splendid review. Its been well compared to Gardiner and picked as one of the 4 best records of the year by Sweden’s largest classical music magazine Opus. And now, it’s time for just another one. MusicWeb: Bach Motets:

The magnificent divided choirs of something like Komm, Jesu, komm are the clincher for me in this recording, turning Bach’s motets into something more like a guilty pleasure than a hair-shirt religious duty. If you give this box as a present make sure you double wrap it with an inner lining of silver foil, such are the deliciously rich and chocolaty rewards inside.

How about that eh? And yes, you can find it on Spotify as well, Bach: Motets. My god, I think I’m blushing…

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