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August, 2012 5

Review: Stealing Light

Stealing Light by Gary Gibson My rating: 1 of 5 stars This will be a short review. It’s a fairly fast read, but not very consistent, not very interesting. The characters are flat and uninteresting and the plotting doesn’t work. But mostly, I’m rating it low because it doesn’t fit together very well. Here’s [...]


Review: The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower by Stephen King My rating: 2 of 5 stars This will be a slight rant, born out of disappointment, and probably a long one at that. I love Stephen King, but here I’m afraid he put his foot in his mouth just one time too many. Also this, which we will call ‘review’, but which is only really a pretense for a rant, will contain [...]


Overcast: Padjelanta -12

New week, new trail companion. The usual gang of R+V and yours truly was broken up this year as R+V decided to take a road trip to the USA in July. So for this year’s longer trek, it ended up being me and Miss C only, as we aimed for Padjelanta and the Padjelanta trail for 6 days.