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June 2012


This Week No Run: The Calf Story Cont’d


The eagle-eyed visitor have noticed there have been no “this week on the run” for a while. This is quite simply because I haven’t been on the run very much. And if you think that’s because of my hurting calf, you’d be right. Here’s where it’s at.

The week after Gibraltar I was in Paris on a small tour with St Jacobs Chamber Choir. I did manage to sneak in two small runs. But since I started from the hotel both times I had to content with traffic which made it kind of stop-and-go efforts. Also, my stomach crashed the second time and I barely got back to the hotel room in time. Calf was so-so.

Back in Sweden I met up with my new naprapath, Joseph Beg, who promptly got me to buy a foam roller and started showing me how to treat it. And also… forbade my to run until I’ve healed up. I’m certain he’s right, but… damn it is hard!

Also, he analyzed my gait and voila! There it is! The left foot has a distinctly larger pronation than the right, a longer ground contact, the Achilles directly above the heel is markedly bent when loaded, and the left knee collapsed.

Any questions on that?

Anyhow, it is a relief finding out exactly what have caused the problems. And if any runner is reading this and thinks that core, hip and knee stability will be key here: you’re absolutely right. Core, hip and knee stability training it is. And for now I’m cobbled at a measly 5K per week in actual running.

I. Must. Trust. The. Expert.

But hey! Next week I’ll get back into the mountains!


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