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The Ironism

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May 2012


This Week On The Run: v20 2012


Following lasts weeks success and calf-pain-free experience, I was eager to get going again:

Tuesday, 5km: Alas, the calf was feel worse again. But apart from that the run was lovely, the legs felt strong and the Woods of Årsta felt like a good place to be.

Saturday, 6km: My first run in Gibraltar. The calf was stiff as usual. I wanted to cross the rock on Queens Road, but forgot that there is a toll for passing into the nature preserve. So, I had to turn around and what would have been an awesome run became a merely rather good one. My legs felt good although it was more vertical than I’ve had for a while. Good stuff.

Slow week, and the return of the calf pain is depressing. I have a coaching session booked in next week which I’m looking forward to. Here’s to hope, and tomorrow I’ll do my first ever run in Paris.

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