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May 21st, 2012 2

From the Twitter Feed: Business As Usual

Here’s some random birdsong, for your amusement: Good shit. Anna Troberg: From Publishing To Piracy “The key to productivity is to get started. Every day. If you start and fail, that’s fine, just make sure you start.” (SE) Skogens maffia. Så tog de makten [...]


This Week On The Run: v20 2012

Following lasts weeks success and calf-pain-free experience, I was eager to get going again: Tuesday, 5km: Alas, the calf was feel worse again. But apart from that the run was lovely, the legs felt strong and the Woods of Årsta felt like a good place to be. Saturday, 6km: My first run in Gibraltar. The calf was stiff as usual. I wanted [...]