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April 2012


This Week On The Run: v17 2012


Continuing on the calf-story. Last week my feeling was that it had to do with pace and cadence. So this weeks goes was to run as usual, but try to keep the cadence up and the pace down.

Tuesday, 8km: Round Årstaviken. Pace was slow but calf was bad. Possible I was hurting from the 12K two days earlier. I don’t seem to find any flow at all on flat road running.

Thursday, 6km: The usual round in Årsta Skog. Here’s a new hint: it felt like my left foot does not land exactly like my right. Right foot pronates more, which the world upside down, as it is my left foot all *real* running centers have told me need pronation support. So, a bit of compensation going on? I kept the cadence up, and concentrated on letting my left foot mimic the right. And much better immediately!

Slow Sunday, 10km: Not really slow, and no “discovery” either. I kept it round Årstaviken. After 3km the calf loosened up, and after that it felt stiff, but not hurting. Cadence and pronantion felt OK. Another helpful hint: make sure the hip stays fairly straight, for me that means actively engaging the core. It helped the balance and the cadence.

Not too bad! The calf is still stiff but now at least I’m hoping that it is something I can train away. I’ll keep plodding along a week more at the same distances and paces. Well see!

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