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April 2012


This Week On The Run: v16 2012


The sore calf story continues. I decided to knock it back during the first half of the week. I went to see a naprapath in the beginning of the week and he recommended back exercises (I’m so surprised) and rest, so that’s what I did. And I know, why a naprapath? Well, seing as I know shit about running injuries or problems I went on recommendation.

Thursday, 6km: Slow pace in Årsta Skog (the local wood). I’m starting to feel that I haven’t been able to train properly the last couple of weeks. I got fairly punished by the 45m climb between 4.5 and 5.5km. The calf held up OK. Felt stiff, but not injured.

I went back to the naprapath on Friday and he proceeded to massage the shit out the calf (“OK, so the back exercises didn’t work, so let’s work on the soft tissues shall we?”). By god, that hurt, but walking away the calf felt better than for a long time, if a bit sore.

Slow Sunday, 12km: I decided that from now on Sunday will be 1) “slow Sunday”; and 2) “discovery Sunday”. Stockholm is an amazing city with areas all around which are perfect for running, so why just stay around the house? I started by taking the car to Hellasgården which is a classic in Stockholm. Lots of trails, restaurant, sauna, outdoor gym, etc etc. The calf felt bad the first kilometers (5 min/km pace) but when I settled back into my back driver speed (5.3-6.0 min/km) it stopped hurting. The trail was OK, with the last kilometers really good, and a few hundred meters the most technical I’ve ever tried. Great fun! I ended with a long shower, a short sauna, and a seafood soup in the restaurant.

The slow pace on the Sunday might have been a clue. I did up the pace after the winter, and increased my mileage. So perhaps I’ve simply overdone it and the calf couldn’t cope. We shall see next week, in which I’ll take. It. Very. Slow.

All in all a terrible week, but with something that could be a bit of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

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