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April, 2012 2

This Week On The Run: v17 2012

Continuing on the calf-story. Last week my feeling was that it had to do with pace and cadence. So this weeks goes was to run as usual, but try to keep the cadence up and the pace down. Tuesday, 8km: Round Årstaviken. Pace was slow but calf was bad. Possible I was hurting from the 12K two days earlier. I don’t seem to find any flow [...]


This Week On The Run: v16 2012

The sore calf story continues. I decided to knock it back during the first half of the week. I went to see a naprapath in the beginning of the week and he recommended back exercises (I’m so surprised) and rest, so that’s what I did. And I know, why a naprapath? Well, seing as I know shit about running injuries or problems I [...]