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March 2012


A BrewDog Evening


Our beloved alcohol store in Sweden just released a mix-pack of four different BrewDogs together: 5 AM Saint, Dogma, Alice Porter and Chaos Theory. And for some reason I though it would be a neat idea to drink them all in one evening and rate them while I’m at it. So without further ado, here we go (with links to Ratebeer for your amusement):

5 AM Saint (Amber Ale, 5%, 25 IBU) Total score: 3.8
“Bottle. Dark amber with a huge, foamy head. Lovely look! Smells like grapefruit heaven mixed with malts. Sweet and bitter. Quite simply a lovely red ale with a fresh hoppy edge.”

Dogma (Spiced Ale, 7.8%) Total score: 3.5
“Bottle. Dark clear amber, with lacing off-white, smallish head. Smells of pine and wood and spices with some caramel and malt in the background. Bitter sweet, with a distinct spicy edge from the honey. Dry fairly long finish. This is different, but well executed.”

Alice Porter (Porter, 6.2%, 186 IBU) Total score: 3.8
“Bottle. Brown black with a smallish beige head. Not a lot of lacing. Coffee and milk chocolate on the nose mixed with some light hoppy tones and an underlying streak of malt. Fairly dry and sweet with some alcohol notes. Long medium bitter, dry finish. Light, but spirit-y, carbonation. A very good porter indeed.”

Chaos Theory (IPA, 7.1%) Total score: 3.3
“Bottle. Clear copper color with a medium sized head. In fact: a lovely color. Heavy malts in the nose with old hops, in particular grapefruit, but also with some caramel in the background. Fruity beer. Apricots and peaches in a rather dry bitter mix with wood and alcohol. Somewhat bitter finish. Another grape-fruit IPA? Nah, this is rather boring.”

You’ll notice the reviews gets longer down the list, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why. Now excuse me while I stumble to bed.

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    • Ingrid
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      Ingrid Ingrid


      Men alltså hallååååååååå! Var är min öl???? “My name is Ingrid”???

    • fungrim
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      fungrim fungrim


      Tyvärr inte med i den här batchen. Men jag har druckit den: den är minst lika söt, unik och speciell som du 😉