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The Ironism

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May 2011


New Brew: Vadslund 1


So I’m back from the exile in Spain. And you know what that means don’t you? Yeah, that’s right, I’m starting a new brew. Or at least, I’ve ordered what I need for my next brew.

My mother has a small cottage outside Vingåker, and as a boy I used to run around there every summer. Hell, I still run around there whenever I have time. Imagine my surprise as a budding beer brewer to find hops growing justbeside the road. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, hops where growing at almost every farm or small homestead in Sweden back in the days.

So I thought this one will be a tribute: Last autumn I got my hands on some of the hops, and as I only managed to get a few grams, I’ll pair it with Czech Saaz and Swedish Svalöf Maurit, with pale malt, to ultimately become a Blonde Ale. A light, not very strong or bitter summer ale, to go perfectly with light summer days.

And for you nerds, here’s what I’ll use:

The brew will start on Monday. Whish me luck!

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