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May 2011


Review: Born to Run


Born to RunBorn to Run by Christopher McDougall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here’s a hyped book indeed, but having sat through it in one go (6 hours) it is a well deserved 5 star.

Others will expand on the content, so I’ll concentrate on a few highlights. And there are many in this book. Part adventure story, scientific discovery and party book, it’s a rip roaring extacy ride with a lot of impossible-to-let-go pages.

Characters: what an intriguing lot of personality! From the cadaverous mystery of Caballo Blanco (“the white horse”) to narcoleptic hipster kids and obsessed ultra-marathon runners, this book has them in abundance. And the author treats them all fair and square. Very nicely done.

Language: erratic, somewhat slang-ridden, but in my mind, nicely flowing and entirely appropriate. If it leaves you put off, I can sympathise, but when I got past the first 5% (yes, I’m on a Kindle) it just felt… Right.

Interesting stuff: shitloads. I’m a nerd with a passion for hiking, I’ve been running since early adulthood, and yes, last couple of months I’ve started looking into the whole “barefoot movement” thing. Still, this book had me hooked to figure out what the scientist would say, something you don’t always associate with “page turning”.

On the whole, it is a charismatic book about charismatic people and the lost love for running. It resonated in me as it seemed to have done in many others.

And yes, I’m now officially playing with a very different way of running than I’m used to. If it works out, I’ll let you know.

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