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May 2011


Review: Nation


NationNation by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Pratchett book which is not set in the Discworld?! Interesting though… This is a good book, but it left me somewhat wanting. To be exact, it left me wanting for more Discworld. For good and for bad Pratchett *is* the Discworld and this attempt to move outside certainly works, but for a Discworld fan like me, it doesn’t "transponse" to become equally engaging as the serie we have come to love. For example, Daphne is just a tiny bit too alike Tiffany which keeps reminding you that Granny *isn’t* going to turn up in this novel. Nor is Death, but…

Having said that, I do hope Pratchett writes more outside the Discworld. He clearly has things he wants to say and his prose and style is honed to perfection by know. I mean, there’s reason he sells millions and millions of books.

Another though: this book is about religion and the lack thereof. Not terribly surprising perhaps. Readers be warned, there’s thinking ahead! Pratchett uses what he calls "stealth philosophy" in the Discworld series. Here it’s out in the plain, and it is perhaps one of the best introductions to common atheism I’ve ever read. In fact, I’d love some of my Christian friends to read this, just to see what they’d make of it. (For someone who is an Atheist, and especially one who has gone from belief to the lack thereof, it is well trodden ground though). But don’t get scared, Pratchett is much too wise to hammer anyone over the head. Yes, there’s Atheism, but there’s love and understanding as well. Read it, I dare you.

I’ve re-read almost every Pratchett book I own. This may perhaps be the exception to that rule. Not because it’s bad, but because I’m completely snowed-in; a complete and utter Discworld geek, and that it just doesn’t *feel* the same.

Now, I’m off reading "I shall wear midnight"…

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