The Ironism

The Ironism

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May 2010


Fungrim’s APA #2: Bottling



And so, after two weeks we’ll bottle. If you wonder why the bottles are in the oven, that’s where you sterilize them. And yes, the caps I’ll use are sterilized as well, as are the rest of the rest of the equipment.Before we got here I added some sugar, 72 grams to be exact, to the brew. This will provide extra nourishment for the surviving yeast, so that when we open the first bottle on two weeks the yeast will have worked some more and produced a nice carbonation.The FG (Final Gravity) ended up at 1017, which tells us that the ABV will be approximately 5.4%. So a bit lighter than the last batch.Now, more waiting, but I’m looking forward to the first taste, it smelled wonderful!

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