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May, 2010 2

MLP XXI: Philosophy Bites

A quick one here, I just re-discovered Philosophy Bites. Good stuff! Here’s what I just listened to: Stephen Law on The Problem of Evil – A bit on the light side, but Stephen Law is becoming a favourite, so I liked it anyway. Anthony Grayling on Atheism – Again a bit on the light side, but as a primer on Atheism… [...]


Fungrim’s APA #2: Bottling

And so, after two weeks we’ll bottle. If you wonder why the bottles are in the oven, that’s where you sterilize them. And yes, the caps I’ll use are sterilized as well, as are the rest of the rest of the equipment.Before we got here I added some sugar, 72 grams to be exact, to the brew. This will provide extra [...]