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March 2010


The First Taste: Fungrim’s APA #1


Well then, it’s time to update on the first brew. It’s now been 2 weeks on fermentation (1 primary, 1 secondary) and 2 weeks on bottle for carbonation. I did taste it one week early, and posted the results on Facebook:

There you are. The alcohol percentage should be something like 6.3 and by now, the carbonation should be better (even though it may differer from bottle to bottle). Also, I was a bit concerned a by-taste which I wondered about which may have been due to over exposure to air while bottling (this is may first time after all). But now, let’s crack a second bottle……pause for religious moment of opening and pouring here…

So? I’m happy. Next step is to take down a few bottles for Miss J and have Gnoff tell me what he thinks, ie. take it to the experts and take it to the friends. But overall, I’m very happy with something which is after all a first attempt. Next attempt, I’ll go for an IPA and more hops!

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