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February 2010


Fungrim’s APA #1: Brewing


Today me and Jenna started our very first home-brew. It’s supposed to be an American Pale Ale, but considering this is our first time, I’d be happy with a Very Swedish Bastard Ale. The final recipe looked like this:

Everything went smooth. Cooling took about 20 minutes in the bathtub. OG was 1065 which is slightly higher than estimated (1059), but we also lost a bit more water so that’s probably expected. In any case, I decided to let it stay at 1065 even though an APA should stay under 1060 (according to beer smith), I like strong beer :-)And now I’m patientlywaiting for the bubbles to arrive. And depending on how the yeast comes on I’ll move to the second fermentation in a week or so.Exciting stuff!

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