The Ironism

The Ironism

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February 2010


Planning a First Brew


I’m thinking of starting my very first attempt to brew some beer. Seriously, how hard could it be? I blame it on the fabulous Gnoff, who introduced me to brewing, sparked my interest and, not the least, cooks some really good stuff. I mean, really, really good!

So what do I need? A huge pot? Ok. Some hops and malt? Ok, but let’s do malt extract for this first one. Hum… *scratches chin* There’s actually quite a list of things I’ll need, but thankfully, must of them can be reused elsewhere.After much reading at Swedish Home Brewer Association, I’ll try this:

Things to decide later:

The very nice HumlegĂ„rden now has a shopping list saved in my name. I just need to add a bottle filler, fermentation barrel and optionally (probably, being a complete nerd) BeerSmith and I’m set to go. I believe…. Here’s to hope!

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