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February 2010


Write a multiplayer game in 10 minutes or less!


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As I was surfing along the other day it struck me that one of the coolest things about Firebase Community Edition is how incredibly fast you can get going. Do you think the title is a boast? Well, in a manner of speaking it is,  you see: we’re using Maven to build, and if you haven’t used Maven to build a Flex/Flash client before, Maven is going to start with downloading half of the Internet for you, and that will inevitably slow you down and may take a few minutes. But hear me! If you have used Maven before, and if you allow for the first time Maven will download the artifacts needed to compile the Firebase game and the Flex client, then I stand firm: you will have a Flex client and a Java server going in less than 10 minutes!Do you want to get started on a multiplayer game really, really fast? Here’s two different ways:

If you ask me, and I’m obviously biased, this is extremely cool. Of course, this isn’t actually a game yet and there’s a lot more to learn before launching your own international success on Firebase, but hell, you want to write a game? Hop right to it!Update: The commenting system seems to be behaving badly.  Even I can’t seem to comment at the moment. Please check the main blog for updates. I’ll be looking at switching blog system now…

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