The Ironism

The Ironism

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September 2008


Wrapping it up


Fano tour 2008 is over. I’m knackered, and I imagine a few others are as well. But hell, a damn fine 5 days it was!I think I averaged 4-5 hours per night. Not bad, but I must say: Hats off to our two tour n00bs Niklas and David who really showed that they’ll fit right in, they must have averaged a lot less than me :-)Extra credits to Märit and Mårten, the tour leaders. Well played my friends.And credits as usual to Gary, he came through and delivered yet again. I think a few moments there in Martin may well be the best I’ve ever had on stage with this choir.And dear choir: There’s a reason I love you guys, and this trip is very much an example of that.Off and out. Up and onwards.

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