The Ironism

The Ironism

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September 2008


There and back again


The trip back was… Both god and bad (and slightly hilarious at the end). This bus had a working AC but on the other hand it felt like a ship a sea making more than one person slightly sick.It also did not take 6 hours. Which was nice. And the landscape between Rome and Fano is lovely. Absolutely gorgeous. Occasionally stunning.This trip was a good deal quieter than the trip 4 days earlier. I wonder why that was? :-)And then the last hour. Good gracious me. Hilarity ensues. The driver, who so far had done a good job appenrtly had never been to Da Vinci Airport. And, probably being nervous, took an exit to early and ended up in the woods. When stopping to ask a passing car how he could at all get back in the right direction, members of the male part of the bus took a much needed opportunity to releive themselves. THis of course was alright, only… Mårten choose to do so in the direction of a road… And obviously there was an Italian gentleman choosing this moment to bicycle past… Mårten can now join the exclusive club of people that have peed at Italian bicyclists!But don’t think the driver was finished. He did find he’s way towards the Airport, only to miss a turn and end up going the wrong way again. This time he managed a full turnaround, asked at a gas stop, and did, eventually get us to the airport.And there was much rejoicing.The flight was, slightly delayed on the runway, had a head wind, and subsequently came in 30 minutes late. But it felt more like business as usual, and everyone being tired, you couldn’t hear too much complaining.And then… there was silence.

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