The Ironism

The Ironism

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September 2008


Concert no. 3


Teatro della Fortuna was… nice. Warm. Packed with people (including nuns). Did I mention that there was quite a lot of nuns in the audience. Did I? One can’t help wondering what they thought about Veni Creator…After the break all choir joined up for a bit of Mahler and other trivialities. Apparently, according to Johan who had caught a nasty cold and set the second half in the audience, it sounded “actually quite good”.The party afterwards where a large sea-front self service restaurant. When we arrived they weren’t ready for us. A bit strange considering the length of the concert. Half of the choir proceeded to make the arrangers worried by simply leaving for the pub next door (prompting nervous visit of the like “you will came back, won’t you?”) where the evenings first beer was promptly had.

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