The Ironism

The Ironism

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September 2008


Pre-dinner and Vesper


A slow day in Fano. I don’t think anyone in the choir did anything at all. After the ceremony there was some coffee, and some sleeping and some beach volley and some shopping. But not much else.Rehearsed Rachmaninoff at 1730. New positions on the stage, 4 rows with quartets of each part (eg. 2 second bases at the 4th row and 2 at the 3rd). From where I stood it produced a very homogeneous sound and lovely projection from the choir. Good stuff!Concert starts at 2115, we’re on at… 2145?I’ll see if I can find a Brudetto for dinner (a local dish characterized by a friend as “fish broth with things in it”). Wish me luck.

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